SideWinder® Revolution 1 Hand, Wrist and Forearm Exerciser. 1 1/2 ” Diameter for a Demanding Workout. All aluminum portable also Excellent for rehab.

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The SideWinder® Revolution #1 Gives a demanding workout, with difficulty levels from beginner to challenging as well as for rehabilitative therapy.

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Setting Resistance could not be easier with the adjustable resistance knob. Manufactured with price in mind, without sacrificing quality. The Revolution #1 is also manufactured from solid anodized aluminum, supporting a steel shaft.

A self contained unit with an adjustible tension knob for an easy transition of resistance. It is highly capable of helping sport enthusiasts and the athlete seeking serious hand & wrist strength in professional sports.

Excellent for rehabing if you have weak hands or just need a tune up or rehabing a fractured wrist or Forearms, then this is the device for you. All products are able to help you to regain your hand function and strength. Controlled motion is one of the best features to ensure that you will not cause further injuries. It is also portable-carry it anywhere.

Grip ready knurling on both handles. Resistance and repetition coupled with consistency are the keys to making YOURS a success Story! Compact enough to go where you go, It’s soon to become a favorite of your workout regime. We stand behind our products because they are made TOUGH!


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Made in AMERICA of course!


Additional information

Sidewinder Revolution #1

Jett Black, Stainless Steel Look


Design Facts:
Weight 2 Lbs.
Length 10 1/2 ”
Grip Diameter 1.5″
Handles 4 1/4″ *Knurled, andCrafted from STEEL & Anodized Aluminum.
4 1/4 handles are knurled for a powerful gripping surface.
Our resistance material allows for a smooth feel at all levels of tension.
Besides the quality, our adjustable tension knob sits on a steel roller bearing allowing ease of adjustment.
You can change the resistance as many times you like so as you get stronger, it gets stronger!
Unlike our competitors, you can turn the handles independently of each other as many times as you like while maintaining the same resistance, this means you can choose the part of the forearm you wish to exercise.
Of course-assembled by hand in the USA!